Ceko company was established in 1990 and now is specialized in producing high quality cheese of different types: Swiss type, Italian type (mozzarella and ricotta) and also smoked cheese in a natural alder wood smoke.

We are placed in Poland, producing cheese since 25 years, in a small village, in a pure and natural evrironment. We are extremely careful about high quality of our products. We don’t use preservatives or any other artificial additives in a whole production process. Our success in Poland and abroad is based on positioning as producer of high quality, natural cheese, with no chemistry added.

We have a large range of brands – based on Polish traditional recipies or other tradition, coming mostly from european countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Holland and Germany.

Our „Polish” range covers such brands as JAGNA, ANTEK, BORYNA, SMOKED BORYNA, DOBRODZEJ, ZBÓJNIK and PIÓRKO. Recipies coming from other traditions cover MOZZARELLA, SMOKED MOZZARELLA, RICOTTA, BUTTERKASE, MIMMOLLE A LA FRANCAISE and GRAND MASTER. Our special product is a low cholesterol mozzarella type of product, where milk fat has been replaced with vegetable fat.

We are also open to produce under private label.

In Ceko we have long experience in international trade, logistics and special certificates. Approximately 40% of our production is exported to many countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Baltic States, Germany, UK and also to Israel and United Arabic Emirates.

We are looking for trusted partners to establish long term business relationship, offering highest quality products and keeping all logistic standards.


Direct contact to the Export Department: p.macniak@ceko.pl, tel: +48 795 123 853






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